Co-Design Video Interview Exercise

Earlier in our course, students were given the task of interviewing each other using different types of media. These types of media were collected using mobile devices, both feature phones and smart phones, and the media included video, audio, and pictures. Students were instructed to interview fellow students with question related to collaborative design, such as “What is co-design?” and “What is the most important component of co-design?” I was able to interview Jenny Larios Berlin, who is working on a co-design documentary project with Iquilinos Boricuas en Acción in Boston’s South End. Also, I worked with Sujata Singhal on this blog, who is working with me on the Respect in Reporting co-design project with Press Pass TV. Content for both Jenny and Sujata’s interviews can be found below.

Jenny’s Audio Interview on The Most Important Component of Co-Design can be found here:

Jenny Audio Interview

It was an interesting experience having Rogelio ask me what co-design is and what the most important aspect of co-design is in a public place.  It made me feel like I was on one of those late-night show hunts for susceptible pedestrians…I liked being put on the spot like that.  I suddenly was forced to talk about co-design and felt nervous even though I had just been editing and reading our final paper on co-design for hours.  I would actually like to go do a series of interviews on the street and ask others if they know what this process is…I think it could be really interesting to see what the average person’s perspective is.

Sujata’s audio interview can be found below:

Sujata Audio Interview

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