A conversation about codesign

During the course Jenny facilitated a workshop where we tested different tools for collaborative interviews and documentary film making. I interviewed Charlie, who spoke about why he found co-design useful in his work. I lost the original sound clip (so sorry Charlie) but the following is a picture from that day and my reflections on Charlie’s comments.

Conversation with Charlie

Looking back at this interview and the entire course as I worked with Rogelio and Sujata on the Final Report, I realized that my biggest learning from the course was the codesign should not only involve a participatory design process, but should also focus on building the capacity of the community partner to participate before even starting the design process. We often assume that people want to participate and even when they do want to participate that they have the capacity to do so. However our conversations in class and with Cara, our community partner, taught me that we have to build a supportive framework for participation if we truly want to work collaboratively with a community.

Here is a sound clip I recorded based on these final observations.

Final thoughts

A big thanks to the entire codesign class for all the rich conversations and sincere feedback!

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