Developments and Progress

This past week I publicized the infographic workshop at the HIA-PSC Service Leaders Dinner and reached out to the Tech for a second time. I am planning on running the Infographic workshop the week of May 1st after big events such as Occupy MIT’s Wake Up meeting in Killian Court and Campus Preview Weekend.

I am wondering if timing would make it more beneficial to hold the workshop before CPW, the big pre-freshman preview weekend, so that incoming freshman can get a feel for the real structure of MIT and whether they are up for the challenge of working in MIT’s Undergrad environment-scheduling - but I think it is most realistic to set the meeting for the week of the 1st. Furthermore, holding the event after the Wake Up MIT event will enable me to get bigger and more involved turnout.

After having discussions with the members of HIA and evaluating our momentum I will be focusing on the Infographic and will not be implementing the headshot campaign. This focus has led me to create a document which details some of the key findings and contradictions that come out of the all Undergraduates 2011 Survey data.

I have reached out and worked quite extensively with the Occupy MIT group. I need to re-establish links with TGBSM and the Forum along with reaching out to the Debate team and MUN in the coming week to be on task.


HIA Website Updated:

The meeting minutes page, my major focus over break includes history about the trajectory of HIA as an organization.

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