Press Pass TV Co-Design Group

Yesterday the group working with Press Pass TV on Respect in Reporting got together to talk planning and logistics on our part. Our group consists of 5 people: Sujata, Sumona, Song, Dan, and Rogelio. Our first task was to create a collective resume of all of our strengths/skills/qualities in order to understand what we are each bringing to the table. Our group created a Google Group for this project as a means of having a central location with all documents and communication. We have a great mix of different skills sets that I am sure will come in handy during the semester. The skills varied from blogging experience, community organizing/outreach, quantitative data methods, video creation, to strong prose writing. Furthermore, we were also able to divide our project into different roles that will be needed, such as: a research team assigned to document the co-design process with video and audio, and a team to work on the booki project on a weekly basis. At the end of our meeting, we came up with key objectives/goals. Another post will follow this one that includes our meeting notes.

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