Co-Design: Cooperatives! Preparing for the Spring 2016 Co-Design Studio.

Worker Owned Cooperative logo

Worker-Owned Cooperatives FTW!

We’re pleased to announce that in the Spring of 2016, the Co-Design Studio will be partnering with worker-owned cooperatives in low-wage sectors. We haven’t finalized partners yet, but most likely we will collaborate with cooperatives of home health aides, gardeners, and possibly a bicycle delivery coop.

Stay tuned, more soon! In the meantime, you can learn more from the U.S. Federation of Worker-Owned Cooperatives.


Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories is an interactive documentary microsite that raises awareness about the injustices of the U.S. immigration detention and deportation system by focusing on the detention bed quota. Introduced in 2010, the quota is a Congressional mandate that requires the incarceration of approximately 34,000 immigrants in jails and detention centers in the U.S. at any given time. The site uses animated GIFs to simulate a “bird’s eye” view of people sleeping in a detention center and highlights the personal stories of immigrants who have experienced detention through embedded text, audio and video. The viewers are then asked to take action by following the DWN social media accounts, mailing lists, and tweet to end the detention system quota.

View our site:

Username: guest
Password: stopdetention

View our Final Presentation.

View our Case Study.

Team CURE – Final Update


Team CURE is proud to announce our project, I am Not a Dot.

I Am Not a Dot is a multi-media platform where users can access not only the statistics and quantitative evidences of why the registry should be eliminated in order to reduce the recidivism rate and to protect the rights of registrants, but also the personal testimonials and stories of the registrants, their families, and other persons concerned.

Read more details in our Case Study.

Or, check out our Final Presentation.

We are also looking for a web programmer to join our team. If you are interested in, please contact notadot[at] !


Thank you for the great semester!

Susanna + Miho

UYC SMS Survey

UYC SMS Survey
A secure mobile means to gather stories from students in over-policed NYC schools

You can access our final presentation here.

Our revised case study is available here.

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Introducing IPVTech Research Portal

Study and fight back Intimate Partner Violence via Technology with data!

In collaboration with the Tor Project and the Transition House, we developed a research portal for researchers (eg. advocates from the Transition House) to understand Intimate Partner Violence via Technology (IPVTech), and how device surveillance technology is involved in this process.

Besides, we also have an infographic describing the IPVTech process.

try it out
see the slides

read our case study


ACLU + The Guardian Project Final Project

This semester concludes with the development of SpideyApp: An Android-based cell tower comparator used for detecting Stingray devices.  Brought to you by a collaboration between the ACLU of Massachusetts, The Guardian Project, and MIT Media Lab students.

Project title: SpideyApp – Android-based Stingray detector.

SpideyApp user interface.

Description: An Android-based Stingray detector that uses scan differentials to detect anomalous cell towers.

SpideyApp final presentation: here.

SpideyApp case study: here (publish link).

UYC Final Blog Post

UYC SMS Survey Initiative


This week we have been finalizing our designs with the SMS system and also working on our case study. For the mini discotech, we will set up a sample survey that allows class members to join and participate in a demo project (receive a real SMS survey!). Our project involves an SMS survey that UYC can use to gather data about students and their experiences in school.

Here is the link to our presentation: UYC Final Presentation

We are in the process of revising and adding to our case study: UYC Case Study

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